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While Iceland may seem a world away, it is actually very accessible for filmmakers.

There are daily flight connections to most major hubs on both sides of the Atlantic. Direct flying time from JFK to LAX (or SFO for that matter) is about the same—give or take 20 minutes—as JFK to Iceland's Keflavík (KEF). There are daily flights to Iceland from most major gateways in Europe (2.5-3 hours) and North America (5-6 hrs).

Iceland supports a fantastic variety of scenery; endless black sand beaches, imposing glaciers, snow-capped mountains, rugged lava fields, powerful waterfalls, lakes, and lagoons packed with icebergs. The stark highland interior, tundra, and moors patched with cobalt blue ponds contrast with active geysers, fumaroles, and steaming sulfur mountains of other-worldly beauty. Icelandic filming locations can serve many roles.

All of this is within easy reach of experienced local service companies ready to assist. High-quality accommodations and catering facilities are never far away either. The service companies have various impressive production reels and photos from locations scouting around the country to share with filmmakers.

Don't forget the stunning Icelandic light!

Average daylight hours in Reykjavík







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Apart from the unique landscape, you will never forget the light in Iceland. From mid-May to mid-August, the midnight sunsets for around three hours a day. Even at midnight, you could go for a walk without a flashlight. Filmmakers revel in Iceland's "magic hour" light that can go on for hours! In mid-winter, there are about five hours of effective daylight. Early spring and late autumn have long periods of low-angle, lingering twilight that add drama and ambience to any scene.

The white nights of summer and frequent Northern Lights during winter enhance the scenery's unearthly appeal. Despite being close to the Arctic Circle, Iceland enjoys a moderate climate year-round. Thanks to the Gulf Stream, it is much warmer than other regions at the same latitude. The winters are mild, and the summers are cool. The best weather is often from mid-June through August, with the coldest temperatures usually in January.

Local service companies in Iceland

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Sensor Films

Njálsgata 22b, 101 Reykjavík,




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Tunguhals 8

110 Reykjavík

+354 550 1400