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35% refundable

With up to 35% refund on production costs, experienced film crews and a stunning variety of locations, filming in Iceland offers a unique opportunity for all filmmakers.

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Spectacular scenery

The stunning, otherworldly landscapes of Iceland serve as a backdrop that inspires both mythical worlds and distant planets. Time can shift in Iceland with natural settings capable of representing our planet's geological birth, a medieval past, or a dystopian future! Iceland's extreme versatility has stood in for the Himalayas, the Pacific island of Iwo Jima, Siberia, northern Westeros, Greenland, various Scandinavian locations, post-apocalyptic earth, and planets in a galaxy far, far away! 


Service Companies

While many productions come to Iceland to take advantage of remote settings and pristine nature, underneath it all is a modern, connected, and stable infrastructure. We have many world-class production companies with the skills and resourcefulness to support producers in reaping the benefits of shooting films, television, music videos, and commercials in Iceland. A full range of professional services is available, including location assistance, crew, equipment rentals, casting, studios, permitting, and much more. 

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