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The eruption in Meradalir. Photo by Raggi TH.

A small volcanic eruption at the Reykjanes Peninsula

On 3 August, a new fissure eruption opened up slightly north of last year's eruption at Fagradalsfjall mountain on Reykjanes Peninsula.

Like the 2021's eruption by Fagradalsfjall Mountain, the eruption, now in Meradalir Valley, is considered to be relatively small and due to its location, there is a low threat to populated areas or critical infrastructure. There have been no disruptions to flights to and from Iceland and international flight corridors remain open. 

The site of the eruption is close to last year’s eruption that lasted for about six months. According to the Icelandic Met Office, the exact location of the fissure is in Meradalir about 1.5 km north of Mt. Stóri-Hrútur. The area is in southwest Iceland, about 15 km from Keflavik International Airport and about 25 km from the Reykjavík metropolitan area.

Despite being considered small in geological terms, the eruption in Meradalir is stunning to see for oneself and offers a unique opportunity to witness nature's powerful forces. The eruption site is accessible by hiking and plane rides are offered as well. It is strongly advised to follow the latest advice from SafeTravel before heading to the eruption site.

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